avoid drawing hands at all costs

クリスタルのうさぎの口がちっちゃいすぎっ!マンガも同じけど、マンガだからなんとか許せる…なぜかな 笑


draws all the ocs except my own


one day i’ll look at a ref before i start drawing but today is not that day

tundra-tiger's character kelly, my husband, and proof that i shouldn't be allowed to color things


trying to draw my kim k hollywood avatar

protect these children

i painted my nails and they dont suck


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i’m going to try to use my tweeter account more often so i don’t get too obnoxious on instagram with all the dog pictures i’ve been spamming my friends with orz

here it is if you’re willing to put up with me, i’ll probably post doodles too.

edit: i lied i barely use the thing if you want to see my dog follow me on instagram

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hahaha jet lag is a magical thing

edit: fixed up the gross colors a bit

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